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14 Feb, 2009

Interesting Mongol Rally Facts

Posted by: Scott In: Pre-Rally

These interesting tidbits are from the first (proper) year of the Mongol Rally, 2005. Yes, they are all true.

  • • 43 cars left London.
  • • 27 cars reached Mongolia.
  • • 14 cars reached the finish in Ulan Bator.
  • • 2 teams were robbed at knife point.
  • • 1 car snapped in half.
  • • 3 engines fell completely out of the cars.
  • • 1 team was held for five days in no-mans land.
  • • 1 team cycled almost 100 miles to get to the finish when their car gave in.
  • • 100’s of tires were blown.
  • • 1 team got engaged.
  • • 1 team found a 10 foot deep pot hole.
  • • 1 team found a 25 ton crane rolled by a pot hole.
  • • 3 teams attended weddings.
  • • 1 team had to reverse up a mountain after losing all but one forward gear.
  • • 1 person spent 24 hours in a Kazakh jail charged with five crimes against the state.
  • • 1 person was stoned by a Mongolian nomad, who then shot at him with a gun (and missed).
  • • 1 team was rammed off the road after an argument over water melons.
  • • 1 person spent a day in a Turkish hospital.
  • • 3 people were banned from Turkmenistan for a year.
  • • As a result of an incident with a cow one person was detained by police in Azerbaijan and threatened with a beating from a dwarf.
  • • 2 cars flipped over in Mongolia.
  • • 3 teams were chased by armed bandits.
  • • 0 team members died.



In the summer of 2009, two guys from Metro Detroit traveled 10,000 miles from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in an effort to raise money to assist underprivileged Mongolian families in becoming self-sufficient.

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